17 Very Good Dogs That Deserve to Be Petted Forever

We think that every dog deserves a human to cuddle and love, but these 17 very good dogs deserve that little extra in life – infinite love and attention for being so adorable and of course, well behaved!. Below we’ve put together a list of very good dogs that deserve everyones undivided attention.

1. This very good dog that gives free rides.


2. This dog that likes to cheer people up with pine cones.


3. This act of love.


4. This dog that just wants to make friends with everyone and everything.


5. These tiny babies.


6. This very fashionable dog.


7. This dog who already knows he’s a good boy.


8. This dog for his valiant efforts.


9. This beautiful moment.


10. This dog and his incredible balancing skills.


11. This dog that just wanted to join in.


12. This dog that just wants all the love.


13. This dog and his sign writing skills.


14. This dog that just want some salsa.


15. This dog that wants a bath too.


16. This really good boy that didn’t dare move.


17. Finally, this loving relationship.



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