20 People Share Their Worst Life Tips and They're Hilarious

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Life tips or life hacks as they're more commonly known are simple yet effective things you can do to make day-to-day life that little bit easier, but sadly that's not what you'll find here. Instead, this is a list of terrible life tips and advice that will make life even worse.

As a sort of parody to life hacks which seem to be everywhere there's actually an entire sub-Reddit dedicated to rubbish life hacks that are damn right ridiculous. Here is a roundup of the 20 best. They might not help you become a better person, but they'll definitely give you a laugh or two.

1. If you want your own personal space on the subway then wear something like this.

2. Magnify your phone screen by placing it inside a glass of water.

3. How to keep cake moist.

4. Life pro tip: use your seatbelt as a bottle opener whilst driving.

5. If you headphones ever become tangled again just spray them with Johnson's no more tangles.

6. Take a selfie through a toilet roll holder to make it look like you're the moon.

7. Use a toilet seat as a plate holder whilst eating your dinner.

rubbish life pro tips 3

8. No need to buy new socks, just buy a permanent marker instead.

9. Cutting all of the tennis balls in half allows you to fit two more balls in one package, saving space!.

10. When chucking out boxes for expensive items put them on your neighbours drive so they get robbed instead.

rubbish life pro tips 11

11. Warm your snacks up at the desk using your laptop charger.

12. Don't want to iron anymore? eliminate creases in clothing by getting fatter.

13. How to impress your guests and reduce clutter at the same time.

14. If you see someone crying.

15. What to do if you fancy a snack but you're running late for work.

16. What to do when you put too much water in your rice... add a phone or two!

17. If you wear your hoodie backwards the hood become a useful snack heaven.

rubbish life pro tips 18

18. Cooking pasta in no time by simply adding water.

19. No bookmark to hand? simply use some ketchup instead.

20. If you need a spoon and there isn't any then just using a fork and some tape.