19 Photos That Are Almost Too Perfect to Be a Coincidence

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Once in a while we're lucky enough to witness something that's so perfect it's almost too good to good to be a coincidence. From lens flares that look like famous cartoon characters to Gotham worthy icebergs here are 19 photos that are almost to perfect to be a coincidence.

1. This lens flare that looks like Eric Cartman from South Park.

2. The iceberg that Gotham needs.

3. This cinnamon roll that looks like an anguished E.T.

4. This tomato that almost looks like a duck.

5. This pack of bacon that actually looks like a group of penguins.

6. This cat butt that looks like a panda.

7. This pepper fist which really isn't happy.

8. The way in which the light on this car looks like a UFO flying over a forest.

9. This piece of bacon that actually looks like a majestic sea horse.

10. The way in which this guys headphones make a perfect treble clef.

11. The way the camera mans shadow looks like a dog.

12. This sweet potato seal.

13. This lens flare that looks like the Death Star.

14. This Watusi bull that almost looks transparent.

15. The way this truck lines up perfectly with the rocky mountains.

16. This stain on a table that looks like a majestic dog.

17. The gap in these rocks that look like a cat.

18. This wasps nest on a statue.

19. Finally, this Jabba the Ham.

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