Group of Artists Cleverly Place Video Game & Movie Characters into the Real World

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Ever wondered what cartoon, video game or movie characters would look like in the real world? well for the past couple of months a group of Russian artists have been answering that question with the awesome series "2D Among Us". From Game of Thrones to Futurama the group seamlessly Photoshop the characters, sometimes even whole groups such as The Avengers, into real world photos and the result is pretty cool. You can see more of the series and keep up to date with it over on Instagram.

1. Hey Arnold

2. Scooby Doo

3. Limbo

4. Portal

5. The Avengers

6. Dobby

7. Toy Story

8. The Joker

9. Zoidberg

10. Spirited Away

11. Game of Thrones

12. Deadpool

13. Game of Thrones

14. The Grinch

15. GTA San Andreas

16. Batman

17. The Simpsons

18. Disney's UP

19. Stormtrooper

20. Zootopia

21. Bender

22. I am Legend

via Ultralinx