Adorably Optimistic Possum Sparks Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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After Imgur user 'Stretlaw' uploaded a photo of a rather optimistic looking possum that his step dad stumbled across in Opotiki, New Zealand, the photo quickly made it's way onto the popular sub-Reddit r/Photoshopbattles, sparking one of the funniest Photoshop battles we've seen in a long time.

Those handy with Photoshop quickly worked their magic, turning the adorably optimistic possum into Deadpool, King Kong and even an 'Octopossum'. If you needed cheering up this week then this is all you need.

The Original:

The Photoshops!

1. Outlier

2. Octopossum

3. Oppossum

4. Super Possum

5. The Celebration

6. The King

7. "Elaine! Elaine!" - The Graduate (1967)

8. Having fun with the squad.

9. The planet is ours again.

10. Help!

11. Deadpool

12. Bob Ross Opossum Hair

13. Selfie with the friends!

14. Opodzilla

15. Cause for celebration!

16. Forgetful Possum