Man Who Saved 669 Children During Holocaust Doesn't Realise He's Sitting with Them, Watch His Reaction

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Back in 1939 a stockbroker from London named Sir Nicholas Winton dropped everything he was doing in order to help Jewish refugees flee Nazi-occupied parts of Europe. Winton managed to help more than 600 Jewish children across four countries and bought them back to England before finding them families that would take them in. All of this wasn't without risk and being the selfless man that he is Winton kept what he was doing a complete secret so that even his own wife didn't know.

At least that was until his wife discovered a scrapbook in their attic some 50 years later that contained photos and names of the children that he had helped to rescue all those years ago. His wife took the story to Holocaust researcher Elisabeth Maxwell and letters were sent out to the then-children that Winton had helped.

In the end they received more than 200 responses. The rest of the world learn't of Winton's incredible story on an episode of BBC’s That’s Life where he was invited as a guest to show on which his scrapbook was shown and the presenter asks whether anyone in the audience was helped by Sir Nicholas, to which more than 20 of them stand up. Watch the heartwarming moment below.