The Beauty of Finland During Winter Photographed by Yuichi Yokota

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Finland is one of the most beautiful places on earth, particularly during the winter time thanks to its snowy scenery, a fact that Tokyo-based photographer Yuichi Yokota recently discovered during his 3-month long visit to the beautiful country, capturing some truly stunning photos during the process.

During his trip to Finland Yokota spent a lot of his time in Lapland, Finland's northernmost region and arguably its most beautiful thanks to its vast subarctic landscapes and the fact that it's one of the world's best viewing stages for the most spectacular light display on earth, the aurora borealis or as it's more commonly known, The Northern Lights.

But it's not just vast snowy landscapes and starry night time photos that make this series by Yokota so beautiful as the photographer also manages to capture Lapland's sometimes overlooked beauty, from textured firewood to steaming kettles and even the odd photo or two of its animals. If you love Yokota’s photos as much as we do you can see more of his work over on his website and Instagram.