20 Ridiculous Products That Should Never Have Been Made

Capitalism at its finest.
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Companies are always trying to come up with new products to sell consumers, but if these are anything to go by then they should probably stick to what's tried and tested because these are just damn right ridiculous. From 'Diet' water to books on the greatest YouTube videos of all time here are 20 ridiculous products that nobody ever asked for.

1. This suspicious looking cup holder.

stupid products capitalism 3

2. Diet water.

3. A book on the greatest YouTube videos of all time.

4. Condiments for dogs.

5. This pasta comes with an app.

6. This Minions cereal.

7. A Shrek face mask.

8. Alcohol free vodka.



9. Sonic the hedgehog glam glow.

10. A t-shirt with the Jack and Jill script printed on it.

11. A seriously creepy iPad stand.

12. Canned whole chicken.

13. Introducing the iPotty.

14. Air taken from Kanye's Yeezus tour.

15. This hairbrush complete with iPhone holder.

16. A book on how to make things out of cat hair.

17. A gendered glue stick.

18. A hot dog slicer.

19. These flavoured chapsticks.

20. Finally, Justin Bieber duck tape.