This Quirky Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure Comes with a Removable Ear

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On a mission to make art more interesting Today is Art Day shares fun facts about famous artworks and artists as well as interesting daily stories and for their latest venture, a miniature van Gogh action figure that comes complete with detachable ear.

At just 5 inches tall the doll depicts a creative and almost illustrative version of the artist with his bright red hair, sunflower lapel pin and a pair of Dutch clogs that make the tiny figure almost instantly recognisable. One of the coolest features however is that the toy comes with detachable ears in recognition of the fact that Van Gogh famously cut off a part of his left ear in 1888.

The figurine also coms with a miniature paintbrush as well as scaled down versions of some of his most famous artworks including Starry Night and The Sunflowers. Today is Art Day has recently started a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project, more of which you can learn about here.