21 Pictures That Will Make Everything Ok Again

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Having a bad day? then don't worry because everything isn't as bad as it seems. Take a look around and you might just be lucky enough to spot something as perfect as the 21 pictures you see below. These just make everything ok again....

1. The way these pills fit so perfectly.

2. This cat that was clearly made for this wall.

3. These pancakes.

4. The way this sink and tap line up so perfectly.

5. This cheese and bread that were made for each other.

6. The way these gummy bears are arranged.

7. How well this tree and owl go together.

8. The perfect fit.

9. How neatly this watermelon is packed into this bag.

10. The path this snake is taking.

11. The perfect sized glass for a can of coke.

12. The way these lemons and ice cubes are arranged.

13. These neatly arranged chocolates.

14. The greatest ping pong shot of all time.

15. This truck doing what it does best.

16. The greatest fill up of all time.

17. This DVD collection.

18. The way these packets of gum all line up.

19. This tray that's pretty much a game of real life Tetris.

20. This glorious ice cream.

21. And finally, this stack of t-shirts.