Every Oscar Winner for Visual Effects Ever in One Magical Video


Not so long ago we shared a video put together by the YouTube channel Burger Fiction that detailed every Oscar winner for best cinematography since 1927 and now they’re back with another equally as cool video that lists ever Oscar winner for Best Visual Effects including the 2016 movies that will be going up against each other in two weeks time to win the category this year.

Although the category didn’t technically exist until around 1963 this supercut pulls together all the past winners right back until 1927 with the movie Wings which won the category for Best Special Effects, which was shared by both the visual and sound effects teams. We’re glad that Burger Fiction included these earlier movies because it offers a wider look at just how far movie visual effects have come.

The video of course includes clips from movies such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park and The Matrix for their efforts in raising the bar higher for everyone in the visual effects industry. In just a few weeks time movies such as Rogue One: A Star Wars, The Jungle Book, Doctor Strange, Deepwater Horizon and Two Strings will be put against each other in order to win the category this year.


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