Stray Cat Kept Returning to Police Station, Officers Decided to Build Her a House

Meet the Boston Police Department‘s unofficial mascot, also known as SWAT cat, that for the past four years has been a regular at the SWAT department’s headquarters, so much so that they’ve now built Swat cat her very own custom condo just outside of the buildings entrance.

The team have been trying for years to convince Swat cat to come inside away from the elements however set in her stubborn ways (just as most cats are) she refused which meant that the team started building her small houses to accommodate her outdoor lifestyle before they finally decided that Swat cat deserved a more permanent residence.

Given that Swat cat is just as much a part of the team as the rest of them officer Jamie Pietroski stayed late after work for several nights in order to complete Swat cats new outdoor studio apartment that’s designed to match the departments headquarters and even has a large outdoor deck so that she can watch the world go by and judging by the photos below she’s settled right in. You can find out more here.

For the past four years Boston Police Department’s SWAT team has had a stray cat as its mascot

The stray cat who soon became their unofficial mascot is now known as SWAT cat

And because the team care about her they’ve been trying to offer her shelter from the elements for years

But no matter what they tried SWAT cat preferred the outdoor life, so they decided to build her an outdoor home

Officer Jamie Pietrosk stayed late after work for a week in order to complete the kitties new home…

Which came with a viewing deck so that SWAT cat can watch the world go by from on top of her throne

She seems to be pretty happy with her new apartment!


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