20 Incredible Photos of Cities Captured from Above

You can visit every famous world city on this list in person and take in its sights, cultures, quirks and famous attractions and yet you’ll never be able to see them quite like this – from a perspective that lets you truly appreciate just how busy and complex they actually are.

That’s where a Russian group of photographers over on AirPano come in, using drone photography to capture some of the world’s most incredible photos of cities. Below are 20 of the most spectacular.

1. La Plata, Argentina

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3. Barcelona, Spain

4. Cancun, Mexico

5. Dubai, UAE

6. New Delhi, India

7. Dubai, UAE

8. Prambanan, Indonesia

9. Siena, Italy

10. Seattle, USA

11. Paris, France

12. Agra Fort, India

13. Mexico City, Mexico

14. Varanasi, India

15. Madrid, Spain

16. Vienna, Austria

17. Ceský Krumlov, Czech Republic

18. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

19. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

20. Budapest, Hungary

via Ultralinx

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