17 Simple Inventions That Have Made the World a Better Place

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In order to make the world a better place you don't have to come up with something as groundbreaking as the wheel, electricity or even the internet, instead you can focus on life's small inconveniences and solve them with what's around you and a bit of creativity... just as these people have. Here are 17 dead simple inventions that make the world a better, happier place.

1. This table that lets you look at your phone without the risk of spilling anything on it.

2. This park bench which has an overhang so disabled people can use it too.

3. This alarm clock that tells the time from every side so you don't have to move.

4. This pen that let's you know how many pages worth of ink you have left.

5. This bathroom that gives you a choice of soap depending on whether you've eaten or not.

6. This restaurant that lets you know if the toilet is free before you get up.

7. This giant freezer that allows you to try clothing before you buy.

8. This taxi which is fitted with a very subtle but clever emergency light.

9. These urinals which have a guard for protecting your shoes.

10. Shopping trollies equipped with magnifying glasses so you can read the small print.

11. A swing that let's a parent and child on at the same time.

12. This lift that has unique names so you remember what floor you're on.

13. This toaster that has a "little bit more" function.

14. This highlighter that's transparent in the centre so you can see what you're highlighting.

15. This mirror that replicates different light settings so you know what you'll look like throughout the day.

16. This toilet roll that comes with a handy travel sized roll in the middle.

17. Finally, this cinema that makes sure you never miss a moment of the movie.