22 Architects That Clearly Just Want to Watch the World Burn

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Although architects aren't entirely to blame for all of these mixups it doesn't matter whether it's the designer, electrician, builder or healthy and safety expert, these people clearly just want to cause chaos and inconvenience people, whether it's placing a door were it leads so a severe drop the other side or a street lamp in the middle of the road. Here are 22 people that clearly want to watch the world burn.

1. What kind of a monster does this!?

2. How to cause a collision with a mural.

3. These stairs that send your eyes into overdrive.

4. This inviting seating area.

5. These confusing signs.

6. The slide nightmares are made of.

bad designers 5

7. The last roundabout you'll ever ride.

bad designers 8

8. For people that are only disabled 80% of the time?

9. Living life on the edge.

bad designers 7

10. A mural that someone's bound to drive into.

11. A truly terrifying ride.

12. This cycle path that leads to absolutely terrifying.

13. You can see the swerve marks.

14. This fire hydrant that's not putting out a fire anytime soon.

15. Yes. That is a door.

bad designers 11

16. This cycle path that will force you to improve your balance no-end.

bad designers 9

17. Call it an architectural statement rather than a mistake.

18. These "balconies."

19. This slide that prepares kids for disappointment early on in life.

bad designers 19

20. These stairs.

21. This "well lit" driveway.

22. Finally, this train wreck waiting to happen.

bad designers 20