Artist Carves Blocks of Wood Into Impressively Intricate Sculptures of Movie Characters

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Over the course of 18 years Sidrit Vaqari has perfected the art of carving out incredibly intricate wooden sculptures that often take on the form of mystical creatures and characters you see in movies and pop culture. Aside from the occasional Star Wars character such as Darth Maul or even Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean Vagari's main focus appears to be on creating sculptures inspired by the Lord of the Ring's & Hobbit trilogies, both of which he's a huge fan of.

Each of Vagari's sculptures starts life as a solid piece of wood before he begins carving them out in a process that can take up to 250 hours per piece. The wooden sculptures are then turned into elaborate and impressive smoking pipes. Below you can see Vagari's latest piece from start to finish which depicts Smaug, the dragon from the mountain in the Hobbit movies which was excellently voiced by actor Benedict Cumberbatch. To see more of Vagari's work make sure to check out his Instagram.

This is the artwork of wood sculpture and artist Sidrit Vaqari who's been perfecting his craft for more than 18 years

At the moment the sculpture works with wood to make unique smoking pipes in the form of his favourite movie characters

His favourite being The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies...

This particular piece took more than 250 hours from start to completion...

But the results of all the painstaking work really are truly remarkable.

He also carves a whole host of other movie and pop culture characters

Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean

Gimli from The Lord of The Rings

Gandalf the White from The Lord of the Rings

Michelangelo’s Moses, David, and E. A. Poe


Finally, Darth Maul from Star Wars. You can see more of the artists work over on Instagram.

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