Architects Reveal Amazing U-Shape Skyscraper Concept for New York

The quest to build the biggest, tallest and most impressive skyscraper is likely to never end so instead of competing for such titles architect and design group Oiio Studio have decided to go after a new record altogether, taking an entirely new approach to the skyscraper concept and designing a U-shaped building for Manhattan’s skyline that pushes the boundaries of both architecture and engineering.

Although not technically the highest building in the world The Big Bend will take the title from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa as the longest skyscraper in the world as it swoops over into a neighbouring building to form a giant arch over New York’s skyline. This of course presents its own engineering challenges that include the dilemma of how to build a lift to carry people right to the top in a curved direction, but we sure hope they figure it all out. Although a build date isn’t set and we’re not even sure if it will ever actually begin it’s a cool concept nonetheless. You can find out more here.

The Big Bend is an exciting new concept planned for New York City’s 57th Street and it’s a world’s first

The concept has been put together by Oiio Studio and is designed to use space as efficiently as possible…

By turning the building into a U-shape and making it the world’s longest skyscraper

Although not the tallest in height the total length of the building will surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa by almost 1,300ft

It was designed to maximise capacity whilst also adhering to New York’s zoning laws that limit a buildings height

The building presents its own challenges including an elevator system capable of bending with the curve of the skyscraper

Although the build date for this impressive new building isn’t set when built it will become an iconic part of Manhattan’s skyline

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