19 Genius Uses for LEGO You've Probably Never Thought About

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LEGO is an awesome toy to play with and we probably don't have to tell you that, but what you may not know is that it also has its practical roles in everyday life too - from serving as a storage point or a handy way to keep your keys organised.

One of the coolest things about LEGO is that it allows you to get creative and build just about anything you can dream up and it's that exact creativity that's helped create these clever designs from the square building blocks that everyone loves.

1. Teacher uses LEGO to teach equations.

2. Key and USB holder.

3. LEGO aquarium.

4. A gift box made from LEGO.

5. Friendship heart necklace.

clever uses for lego 5

6. LEGO bird feeder.

7. Quidditch themed LEGO fish tank.

8. Kitchen counter made from LEGO.

clever uses for lego 12

9. LEGO coffee table.

clever uses for lego 17

10. LEGO earrings.

11. Drinks coasters.

12. A LEGO millenium falcon guitar.

13. LEGO lamp.

14. LEGO chess board.

15. Giant LEGO wall for building.

16. Tissue dispenser.

17. Never lose your keys again.

18. Colourful gradient vase.

clever uses for lego 19

19. LEGO wall clock.