Artist Uses Pencils to Create Striking Hyper Realistic Portraits

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Accurately depicting a person within an artwork is hard enough as not only are proportions often hard to get right, capturing the emotion and what it is that makes us human is even harder and yet Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley takes his artwork beyond accurate when drawing his subjects, achieving a level of photorealism that will make you question whether you're looking at a photograph or a drawing.

Each of Arinze's monochrome portraits can take up to 100 hours before he achieves the level of realism that he strives for in each of his artworks but perhaps most impressive is that Arinze has never attended an art class and is entirely self-taught and puts his talent and skill down to "Practice, Patience, and Persistence". Promising that he'll only continue to get better every time he creates new Arinze's Instagram is well worth a follow.

h/t konbini