These Guys Strapped Nitrous to an Office Chair and It Was Absolute Mayhem

If you thought the Street Outlaws series normally aired over on the Discovery Channel was just high-powered cars racing on the street then you’d be right, but in between racing some of the cast like to take on small side projects and pretty crazy stunts… their latest being a nitrous powered office chair that looks like one truly terrifying ride.

The stunt by Farmtruck and AZN from the show was simple in principle… strap two nitrous bottles to an office chair, secure the chair using a pair of ratchet straps and then let them mayhem unfold and judging by their reactions none of them expected so much of it. What they’ve built is pretty much their own DIY g-force inducing centrifuge, but remember that they had a team of medically train professionals on hand, so don’t go trying this out yourself.

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