Guy Spends 5 Years Collecting Bottle Caps to Create This Amazing Kitchen Top

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Choosing the right kitchen work surface is never easy and with so much choice available it can be tough, but not for this guy who decided what he was going to do with his when he and his family began collecting beer bottle caps more than five years ago and 2,530 bottle caps later he finally has one truly unique kitchen top.

The initial plan throughout the years of collecting was to create an image in the kitchen top using the various coloured and patterned bottle caps however when it came down to actually creating the work surface reality soon set in and they realised just how hard it would be... so they opted for a far easier but equally as impressive gradient of colour that works its way across the kitchen top broken down into yellows, pinks, oranges, greens, blues and more.

Apparently it took 4 hours and a lot of restarts in order to achieve the desired effect but in the end all of that collecting and a lot of patience right at the last minute was worth it for a kitchen top that looks amazing. Once the caps were in place they were covered with 5 layers of epoxy resin to make sure they're trapped forever.

In search of a unique work surface for his kitchen this guy came out with a plan...

For him and his family to collect more than 2,500 beer bottle caps over the period of 5 years

Once collected they began working as a team to separate the caps out into groups depending on their colour

To form the structure of the work surface two pieces of 5/8″ plywood were used and then it was painted black

The finish wasn't all that important as the top was destined to be covered in a epoxy resin

But the process of laying out the bottle caps into a satisfying gradient was still fairly long...

The initial concept was to create an image using the bottle caps however it soon became clear this was going to be too difficult...

So they decided to opt for a rather amazing looking gradient instead

In the end it took 5 layers of resin to completely cover the bottle caps

And now complete, this family have one of the coolest kitchen tops ever!

h/t Boredpanda