Guy Decides to Start Making Tiny Hats for the Toad That Keeps Visiting Him

The internet's most dapper toad...
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Although it's not the go-to conclusion that most of us would jump to if a toad kept turning up on our doorstep this Imgur user decided that his new toad friend was in need of something - a hat, and it was at this point that they began creating them before photographing the toad modelling its new fashionable hat and the entire thing is hilarious.

Using his background in graphic design to his advantage he began creating hats made from foam and paper, transforming his newfound friend into the best dressed toad you've ever seen. The hats have received mixed reviews with some people falling in love with the toad and his impressive collection of hats and others telling Chris, their designer that he as to much time on his hands, although we'll quite happily side with those that love the toads hats on this one because they're every bit as adorable as they are funny.

One of his friends children recently lost his pet frog, so when this toad kept showing up to his porch he decided to do what anyone else would...

guy gives toad tiny hat 1

...Start making tiny hats for the toad and taking photos of him to cheer the boy up!

guy gives toad tiny hat 2

Using his background in graphic design he began creating a series of hats that the toad seemed more than happy to model for him...

guy gives toad tiny hat 4

So he carried on creating hats for the Alabama-based model

guy gives toad tiny hat 5

And he seems to pull off just about every look that he's given to model...

guy gives toad tiny hat 3

...from a Texan cowboy to a street-looking toad

guy gives toad tiny hat 6

And in the end he even let the dog try one on for size!

guy gives toad tiny hat 7

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