Japan Is Going Crazy Over These Tiny Succulents That Look Like Bunny Ears

If you’ve always wanted a pet rabbit but don’t have the space then Japan might have the next best thing, a species of succulent known as Monilaria obconica. Now we know what you’re thinking, the next best thing to a loveable fluffy bunny rabbit is a plant!? but this particular species has a special party trick – when it buds it creates a tiny pair of bunny shaped rabbit ears.

The cute looking succulents have gone down a storm in Japan, a country in which cuteness or “kawaii” as it’s known plays a massive part in pop culture. Since Twitter user @celely1128 tweeted a photo of the bunny shaped species the internet has being going crazy with more than 42k people liking the tweet and now people can’t get enough of these cute shaped succulents.

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