24 People That Will Probably Never Shop Online Ever Again

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Unless you're buying from a trusted seller or someone you've bought stuff from before then buying online can be risky, and even then can't be 100% certain what will turn up on your doorstep as these people learn't the hard way.

Proving that you either get what you pay for or that you should always read the small print these people purchased discounted items online and found out exactly why they were discounted. Some of them were innocent shipping mistakes for better or worse whilst others are just straight up disappointing but they all share one thing in common... the people that purchased them probably won't be shopping online again any time soon.

1. Christmas was a little disappointing that year.

2. These Jordan's come with something a little extra.

3. He bought a set of chairs in an online auction... it's not until he picked them up that he realised they were for kids.

4. They ordered a custom family ornament and received a completely random family with photoshoped penguins as a bonus.

5. This guy ordered a 1/2 inch solenoid valve from Amazon and received a 7-foot-tall teddy instead. He decided to play Xbox with it.

6. He ordered tights for halloween... this is what he received.

7. You don't always get to see this part when ordering shoes online.

8. A t-shirt bought online, more than likely made in China.

9. A fake Sharpie, otherwise known as a Skerple!

10. They ordered a fryer and received a cotton candy machine!

11. Well, on the bright side it matches the phone cover.

12. The stuff nightmares are made of...

13. He ordered a 17mm socket and received a 170mm socket.

funny online shopping fails 22

14. Grow your own "alligator."

15. Apparently this is a "smartwatch."

16. Expectations Vs. reality...

17. Buying a $600 Apple watch on Ebay can be risky.

18. It was supposed to be an XL...

19. Buying clothing from China online...

20. Purchasing a TV from an unknown seller wasn't such a good idea after all.

21. This is supposed to be an 'M' balloon.

22. The hiking boots they ordered looked a little different to how they were online.

23. This is why checking the dimensions before you buy online matters.

24. They were supposed to be plain black sweatpants.

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