Photographer Uses $32 Toy Car to Create Advert for $50,000 Audi

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Shooting a car commercial often costs a lot of money and for good reason - it's a logistical nightmare. There's the location to sort, the vehicle in question and then there's arranging a time and a date for when everyone, including the photographer, is free to shoot. But there's an alternative to this problem, hire someone like Felix Hernandez to sort everything from the comfort of his own studio using a $32 toy and that's exactly what Audi have done.

Previously commisioned to create a commercial for their flagship supercar the Audi R8 using a $40 toy this time Audi's latest task for Hernandez took on a middle eastern theme as he recreated his own desert and roadway in order to shoot a 1/43 scale model of the new Audi Q2 for its launch. The results are impressive to say the least... and at first glance you certainly don't notice that what you're looking at is a $32 toy car. You can see more of Hernandez's work on his website.