Seal Discovers Toy Version of Itself, Refuses to Stop Hugging It

As if this seal couldn’t get any cuter if it tried, someone gave it a plush version of itself and now the entire internet, us included, is falling in love with just how adorable it is. The seal is from Mombetsu Land, an attraction located in Japan’s Hokkaido district and was given the toy of itself by zoo keepers and now he refuses to give it back.

Over the moon with his new toy the seal won’t stop hugging it as well as placing it on his back and playing with it. Its loving embrace is almost as if it the seal things the toys a real seal pup, but one thing is very clear – it’s the cutest thing you’ll see on the internet for a while.

This seal from Mombetsu Land, Japan, was given a miniature plush toy of himself by his keepers

And they seemed to have bonded instantly!

Now the seal won’t stop hugging his new found friend and it’s the cutest thing ever…

h/t BoredPanda

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