This Artists Glowing Paintings Come to Life When the Lights Go Out

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Italian artist Cristoforo Scorpiniti of Crisco Art who we've previously featured before here continues to create spectacular glowing artworks that can only truly be appreciated with the lights go out. Many of Scorpiniti's pieces focus on either animals or landscapes but almost always have a dreamlike element to them that's only made more vivid when they begin to glow in the dark.

In a rather ironic link between his artwork and his personal life Scorpiniti actually turned to creating art when things got dark in his own life due to an unfortunate event. After losing his job and having to move back to Southern Italy Scorpiniti turned towards art as a way of coping, throwing himself into his newfound passion in life.

Now he enjoys pursuing his passion whilst creating dreamy glowing portraits of sunsets, forests and other magical scenes. To see more of the artist's work you can either visit Instagram, Facebook or head over to Etsy where he sells his art.