This Retro iPhone 7 Case Is a Throwback to the 1980’s


The juxtaposition between nostalgia and technology can sometimes create quite a cool effect, as proven by Apples latest smartphone, the iPhone 7 Plus, sporting a rather cool colour scheme that harks back to the 1980’s with a distinct look that’s reminiscent of the computers of that time. The phone has been custom painted by ColorWare, a company that specialises in customising peoples tech.

This particular colour scheme is called the Retro Edition and is a throwback to the 80’s and sports a beige exterior similar to that of apples computers at the time as well as the iconic rainbow version of their logo which makes for a perfect blend of retro style meets new tech. Prices for the Retro Edition sadly don’t match that of the 80’s and will set you back almost double what a normal iPhone 7 Plus costs at $1,899. Find out more here.


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