17 Animals That Really Just Don't Give a Damn About Anything

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Although you can train an animal to a certain point their animal instincts remain meaning that you can never have absolute control over what they do, or in the case of these 17 animals absolutely no control whatsoever - because they do what they want, when they want.

Even if it means inconveniencing others, destroying their hard work or just being a total jerk in general these animals don't answer to anyone and for that we can't help but love them and their care free attitude. That's not to say that it's only animals who are capable of not giving a damn, just check out these people.

1. This chicken that won't let any old cat get in the way.

2. Yes... that's a great place to take a nap.

3. Just hitching a ride... don't mind me!

4. This dog is comfy and he'll be damned if he's going to move.

5. This goat answers to nobody.

6. "if it fits, I sits."

7. This dog doesn't chase anything.

animals that just don't care 10

8. A great place to stand.

9. This capybara 

animals that just don't care 11

10. The only time pot holes are useful... when you want to take a dip.

11. This absolute destroyer of puzzles.

12. This crow that isn't going to move for anything.

13. This goat... who knows no fear.

14. This church cat that's found the perfect place to take a nap.

15. The most majestic centrepiece of them all.

16. This duck who's ever so casually hitching a ride.

animals that just don't care 2

17. Finally, this loose canon who does what he wants.