Artisan Baker Celebrates Nature with Mouth Watering Succulent Inspired Cakes

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You may remember that not so long ago we shared cake designs that celebrate springs arrival and whilst they were each as impressive as the next, one bakers creations that really stood out from the rest were Jakarta-based artisan baker Ivenoven's incredible buttercream succulent cakes.

The lifelike succulents are made using a combination of butter, food colouring and powdered sugar and once grouped together in a beautiful arrangement on top of Ivenoven's cakes become a delicious looking terrarium that's almost too good to eat. Although baking had long been one of Ivenoven's passions in life she only started baking as a profession in 2013 and since then has grown her own successful business, Zoezo Bake, to supply cake lovers with her amazing creations to people across Indonesia. You can see more of her work on Facebook and Instagram.