Graphic Designer Merges Iconic Brand Logo's Together in Confusing Mashups

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A busy graphic designer and art director by day, when Reilly isn't working on client projects he likes to get creative with famous brand logos as part of a personal project that's been ongoing for the past seven years, the result of which will mess with your head.

Seeing fashion brands such as Calvin Klein mixed with brands such as Burger King creates a rather confusing contrast that shouldn't work and yet it does, forcing us to look at what we've become so familiar with in an entirely different perspective. You can see more of Reilly's work on his websiteInstagram and Facebook.

1. Tom Ford & YouTube

2. Stella Artois & Stella McCartney

3. Aldi & Acne

4. Fila & Fendi

5. DHL & YSL


7. Coke & Colette

8. Pizza Hut & Marc Jacobs

9. Nike & Dior

10. APC & UPS

11. Subway & Supreme

12. Calvin Klein & Burger King

13. Lidl & Lanvin