Photographer Explores Japan's Beautiful Landscapes Through Photos That Look Like Paintings

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Japan is a country that's far from short of beautiful places to see, whether it's the enchanting glow of some of its busiest city's lights at night or it's beautiful architecture, however in this series of stunning photos Tokyo-based photographer Takashi Komatsubara explores another aspect of Japan that's equally as beautiful, it's wonderful landscapes.

Doing the countries serene landscapes justice Komatsubara manages to capture natures calm and elegance through his DSLR camera lens. To shoot photos the photographer, who took up photography in 2009, uses a Nikon D810, and has slowly seen his artistic style develop over time as he becomes more concerned about trying to strike a sense emotion in those that view his photos, conveying a sense of peace and tranquility in nature that many people don't have in their own lives.

This results in a sense of calm when browsing through Komatsubara's photos as they almost appear like watercolour paintings or artworks rather than photos thanks to their often soothing and almost hazy colour palette. You can see more of the photographers work over on Facebook and make sure to follow his Instagram!

BlazePress given permission to post photos by Takashi Komatsubara.