Here’s a List of the Biggest Lies People Tell on Social Media

There’s no clear reason why people choose to lie online however part of it can be put down to the anonymity of it all – we don’t have to lie to someones face, it’s all done through a keyboard. Whether it’s to gain attention or to feel as if we belong most of us have probably stretched the truth somewhere along the timeline, but those that are frequent offenders beware, there’s a sub-reddit over on Reddit dedicated to people being called out for their social media lies and this is exactly where this information comes from.

The team over at 10Awesome analysed over 3,000 posts over on a sub-reddit that calls people out for their online lies and then separated that information out into categories on what people lies about and where they tell those lies.

The lies that people tell online…


…and where they tell them.


via UltraLinx

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