14 Hilarious Reactions to United Airlines Forcefully Dragging a Man off a Plane

As some of you may already be aware, United Airlines are the latest company to feel the internets wrath after footage surfaced showing a man being violently removed from a flight from Chicago to Louisville, US, that had been overbooked.

The shocking video (shown below) shows the man refusing to leave the aircraft after United announced that four people would have to give up their seats. After no one on the flight volunteered, four people were chosen at random, one of which was a doctor who was adamant that he needed to get back home to care for his patients. Videos soon surfaced showing law enforcement removing the man from his seat and him later making his way back onto the flight, bloodied and disorientated and now the internet has reacted the only way it knows how – with a flood of brilliant memes that poke fun at the airline company. Here are 14 of the best. Don’t forget to also check out these 29 United Airlines Jokes for more

The original incident:

The memes….

1. Training video leaked.


2. United Airlines asking for volunteers to deplane.


3. The whole situation broken down into a far simpler incident involving a burger.


4. Flight booking options.


5. Actually…


6. Fingers crossed this flight is overbooked.


7. This isn’t United.


8. Yo Adrian!


9. Eeny Meeny Miny Mo


10. New seating areas announced.


11. The special seating division line up for a photo.


12. Southwest’s new slogan.


13. United Airline Logic.


14. Finally, in light of other recent events…


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