This Pool Lets You Swim Over the Edge of a 42-Storey Building, If You're Brave Enough

Just don't look down.
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This infinity pool that's sat on top of the Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas, allows guests to swim over the edge of the 42-storey building and it's clearly not for the faint hearted. Those brave enough to swim over the edge of the luxury complex however will be met with views of Houston's 777 Preston Street which is some 500ft below. Although perfectly safe walking over the edge of the building on the glass bottomed pool is clearly a stomach churning moment. Check it out in the video below.

The Market Square Tower in Houston is home to a pool with a difference...

sky overhang pool 1

Because it allows guests to swim over its 42-storey building and enjoy the a view of the street 500-feet below

sky overhang pool 2

The glass bottomed infinity pool is made from 8-inch thick plexiglass and extends 10-feet over the towers edge

sky overhang pool 4

Question is, would you be brave enough to walk over the edge?

sky overhang pool 5

via UltraLinx