20 Disastrous Photos That Prove Dogs and Mud Are a Bad Combination

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Even though dogs love their owners unconditionally and are often referred to as man's best friend it would appear that there's still a little room in their tiny hearts for another another love - mud. It appears to be a universal love too because whether the dog is a Pug, Corgi, Pomeranian or Labrador it doesn't matter - their love for mud is overwhelming and the need to jump in the stuff is overwhelming, even if they have just had a bath. Here are 20 photos that prove dogs and mud are a bad combination. For the owners at least!

1. "I'm in trouble, right?"

2. She thought she was jumping into water.

3. Guess which one knows what the word "bath" means?

4. It takes commitment to get to this level of muddiness.

5. Hey look, it's a doggie slipper!

6. Taking getting muddy to another level.

7. A puppy digging a hole in the rain results in this.

8. Right after he had a bath.

9. Little one got stuck, big one went back to rescue.

10. Right after they'd both had a bath.

11. "I didn't eat mud."

12. You can tell he had a good time getting this messy.

13. Single file!



14. Batman in disguise.

15. What true happiness looks like.

16. She goes straight to the deepest and muddiest puddle she can find.

17.  The excitement over mud is real.

18. Did someone say mud bath?

19. No regrets.

20. Finally, the face of guilt.

via BoredPanda