After Selling MySpace for $580 Million Here's What Its Founder Is Doing Now

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What does a tech entrepreneur that's made hundreds of millions before even reaching the age of 40 do? retire of course, and that's exactly what co-founder of MySpace Thomas Anderson did when he sold the company back in 2005 for an impressive $580 million.

Officially retired Anderson now finds himself travelling a lot and pursuing something that he's rather good at - taking amazing photographs of the places that he's visiting and as you can probably tell by his photos he seems to be having an amazing time.

Free from the financial constraints that hold so many of us back when it comes to pursuing what we love the most, Anderson now travels the globe in search of the perfect photographs. You can find out more about what he gets up to on his website as well as follow his adventures on Instagram.

This is Thomas Anderson, who's also known as MySpace Tom

myspace tom photography 1

He helped to co-found MySpace and then sold it for $580 million back in 2005

myspace tom photography 2

And then in 2011 he discovered a passion for photography...

Which he pursues as he adventures around the world! Check out some of his photos...

1. China

2. Glacier National Park

3. London

4. Bagan, In Myanmar

5. Manila, Philippines

6. Oahu, Hawaii

7. China

8. Lava Flow, Hawaii

9. Bagan, Burma

10. Uyuni, Bolivia

11. Japan

12. Guilin, China

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