If Humanity Survives Another Billion Years We're in for a Rough Time

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Put your doubts that humanity will even last another decade to one side for a moment and just imagine if we could survive for another billion years, what would life be like? the answer sure isn't pretty but then again it's all speculation.

According to this video by RealLifeLore however, things are going to change a lot - some of which will happen way sooner than you think. In 10,000 AD we'll have to deal with Y10K, which will be similar to Y2K with another digit thrown in to confuse things.

Double that and you'll get to 20,000 AD, if you're lucky, and you'll be in a world that no longer speaks the languages we do - in fact it's estimated that just 1% of the words we use to day will still be used.

But things start to get really interesting in hundreds of millions of years times, when we have to avoid mass extinctions from super volcanos, meteors and even entire continents colliding with each other. Yep. We're all doomed.