This Indonesian Village Just Got a Rainbow Makeover and It’s Amazing

Although some places can be naturally colourful the small Indonesian village of Kampung Pelangi certainly isn’t one of them, at least that was until the locals decided to do something about it the result of which is quite something.

Named Kampung Pelang, which translates to Rainbow Village the small settlement of 200 houses certainly lives up to its name after its residents decided to turn its bleak buildings and walls into technicolor works of art that are a mixture of murals and vibrant stripes of colour.

The makeover is part of a planned project by the Indonesian government in order to rebrand the small town. They were given $22,000 USD to transform their village in the hopes of attracting more tourists to the area and so far so good as it seems the village is quickly becoming a popular spot for people to take photos over on Instagram. Below are some of the best photos so far.

The Indonesian town of Kampung Pelangi, which translates to Rainbow Village, has been given a colourful makeover…


The village was granted $22,000 USD as part of a government initiative to attract more tourism


The money was used to turned more than 200 homes into a hue of vibrant colours and rainbow patterns


As well as impressive 3D murals…


Which seems to have worked as the village is quickly becoming a popular place to take photographs…


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