There’s a Website That Will Let You Travel the World for Free If You Look After People’s Pets

If you’ve always wanted to stay in some of the nicest houses in the best locations in the world but never quite had the funds then you might just be in luck – that’s if you love pets of course, because there’s a website that will let you do just that providing you take care of the homeowners fluffy companions in return.

The company is called Trusted Housesitters and costs around $100 a year to be a part of. For that you’ll be connected with people all over the world who are looking for someone to look after their pets whilst they stay away, offering you a free place to stay so long as you make sure their pets are well looked after.

Naturally it takes a while to gain the trust needed to house sit in the nicest homes or mansions, although you could get lucky, and it also helps to submit your ID and have a character reference. If you do manage to bag yourself a great place to stay then consider yourself lucky, as not only do you get to sit back and relax – you’ll also be in the company of some adorable pets. You can find out more about the Trusted Housesitters over on their website.

If you’ve ever wanted to go on away and stay in the top houses whilst travelling then that’s now possible, for free!

Thanks to a company called Trusted Housesitters that costs $100 to be a part of

The site connects people who want to travel the world with people who want to do the same but have pets…

So that trusted travellers can stay in their homes for free providing they look after their pets.

In order to stay in the top houses you’ll have to build a good reputation

And you don’t have to travel the world to build one. You can pet sit in your own town in exchange for reviews.

But once you’ve done that you can start to branch out a little…

And you can do it all whilst enjoying the company of your new four-legged best friends…

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