Guy Gets Professional Photoshoot With His Cat, They End up Looking Like Engagement Photos

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With Mother's day in mind one reddit user decided that his mum deserved a gift worth keeping, so he booked a professional photoshoot for himself and his cat Charlie, a 1.5-year-old Russian Blue mix with the idea that he'd turn one of the photos into a canvas print that she can cherish forever.

Throughout the photoshoot Charlie hugged his human tightly or gently laid in his arms, so much so that after looking at the photos when the shoot had ended he realised they looked more like engagement photos!.

With Charlie looking so comfortable behind the camera the shoot couldn't have turned out any better - they're certainly canvas worthy.

With Mother's Day in mind one guy took his Russian Blue mix cat named Charlie on a photoshoot

He wanted to get a photo good enough to put on a canvas to give as a gift

However he had no idea the photoshoot would turn out to be this magical...

Throughout the shoot Charlie would hug his human closely or lay gently in his arms...

So much so that the photos ended up looking more like engagement photos!

With Charlie looking so comfortable behind the camera...

What an pawesome canvas worthy duo they make!