Bride With No Female Friends Calls on Her "Bros" for Hilarious Bridal Photo Shoot

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You're probably already aware that there aren't as many women who have STEM related careers so it stands to reason that those that do have more male work colleagues than they do female, which isn't a problem - at least not until you plan on throwing a bridal party. This is the tricky situation that computer engineer Rebeca Brantes recently found herself in, but fortunately she quickly found the solution.

According to Rebeca she didn't have any girlfriends that could fill the role of bridesmaids for her bridal photo shoot, so instead she asked all of her "bros" if they could fill in. Quite happily they obliged, the outcome of which is both brilliant and hilarious.

After searching the internet for inspiration of other bridal shoots before the wedding Brantes stumbled across photos of brides and the friends drinking champagne whilst in dressing gowns and laughing and felt sad that she couldn't do the same. Hower, with the help of photographer Fernando Duque Fotografia they set out to replicate the same.

With the cheap shots flowing the guys soon adapted to their new roles as bridesmaids and the photoshoot was a huge success. By the looks of it they had a laugh!

You can see more of Fernando Duque Fotografia's work on Facebook and Instagram.