Guy Uses Egg to Show Why You Should Never Leave Your Dog In a Car When it’s hot

Hopefully any responsible dog owner knows that you should never leave a dog locked inside a car on a hot day, but just incase that message has been lost on some perhaps this series of photos posted over on Imgur will help by showing what can happen to an uncooked egg left in a car for just 15 minutes on a hot day.

The Imgur user Pigswithstripes posted the series of photos in the hope of raising awareness on why it’s not ok to leave dogs in a car on their own – even on more mild days the inside of a car can reach unbearable temperatures for dogs, especially when they’re covered in fur.

Further proving the severity of the situation PETA actually refers cars as a ‘deathtrap for dogs’, stating that each year many dogs suffer and even die as a result of being locked inside a car. On a 78-degree day the temperature inside a car can reach 100 to 120 in a matter of minutes, however on a hotter day, say 90-degree weather, these temperatures can reach up to 160 degrees which is enough to lead to severe brain damage and even death for a dog in just 15 minutes.

It’s also worth mentioning that hot sidewalks can be a problem for dogs too. If you can’t touch it with your hand or walk on the floor barefooted then neither can your four-pawed companion.

In order to show why you should never leave your dogs in a car on a hot day one someone decided to use eggs

On a hot day the interior temperature of a parked car can reach up to 160-degrees in a matter of minutes

At these temperatures it can take just 15 minutes for a dog to suffer brain damage and even death.

Despite the dangers being widely known, each year dogs still die as a result of being left in hot cars.

The imgur user shared the photos of what the heat can do to an egg in a parked car in the hope of raising awareness.

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