Japanese Artist Makes Incredible Sculptures Made Entirely of Sand

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When Toshihiko Hosaka first discovered sand sculpting in art school he probably didn't realise it would soon turn into a life-long passion and yet 20 years later he continues to improve with each new sculpture. Over that time Hosaka has gone on to create some of the most impressive sand sculptures the world's ever seen - taking the idea of sand art to new heights.

Sculpting the loose grains of sand as if they were clay, Hosaka's only secret (although it's widely excepted in the sand sculpting world) is that he uses a special hardening spray that's applied afterwards to make sure the sculptures don't dry out and collapse and to prolong their life by stopping the surrounding elements destroying them.

Most recently the artist competed in the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival alongside 22 other professional sculptors and placed first for his entry that depicted Musashi Miyamoto, an expert swordsman and samurai. You can see more of the artists work here.