Japanese Artist Turns Old Amazon Boxes Into Amazing Cardboard Sculptures

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Although trained in 3D animation, it's Japanese artist Monami Ohno's interesting series in which she turns old amazon boxes into fantastic sculptures thats made her a sensation around the world, fusing her love for the third dimension with a rathe unusual and unique medium: cardboard.

Equally as impressive as her chosen medium is the level of detail that Ohno manages to pack into each of her sculptures as well as the creatures and monsters she choose's to create, from miniature Godzilla's to pop culture icons such as R2-D2 and even inanimate objects such as shoes or drinks cans.

Despite their complexity however, Ohno actually creates her sculptures with the simplest of tools, using only a pair of scissors, a box cutter, a ruler, glue and masking tape in order to layer the multiple pieces of cardboard into an impressive up-cycled piece of artwork. You can see more of her work on her website and over on Facebook.