Visual Effects Artist Decides to Sell His Car, Creates Best Used Car Advert Ever

Your average person would just take some photos and post an advert online that covers the basics when trying to sell a used car, but luckily for us visual effects artist Eugene Romanovsky is far from average and certainly isn’t afraid of flexing his visual effects muscles, just like he’s done for this brilliant advertisement featuring his 1996 Suzuki Vitara.

Rather than put up an advert that mentions the cars services history, how many miles its done (you know, the boring stuff) and so on, the Israel-based Latvian decided he’d make a two minute video showcasing everything that his car can do and the list really is quite impressive, from tackling dinosaurs to starring in Mad Max: Fury Road, all of which make this car quite the buy. Car manufacturers everywhere take note. This is how you sell a car.

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