Incredible Aerial Photographs by Zack Seckler Capture South Africa's Diverse Landscapes

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In a rather humorous introduction over on his about page photographer Zack Seckler describes his own journey to discovering his love for photography during a trip to India in which he found that it was a gateway to discovering more about both himself and the culture around him. Since then a Seckler has gone on to win countless awards for his work and for his latest series he's taken to the sky in South Africa.

Over the course of seven days Zack flew over 2,000 miles across South Africa's most intriguing and diverse landscapes in a two-seater plane to capture what it is that Africa's southernmost country so beautiful. All of the photos you see below were shot from a range of 50 to 500ft so whilst some photos appear like abstract works of art others are closest enough to even see wildlife!

You can see more of Seckler's photographs on his personal website as well as Instagram.

All images posted with permission from Zack Seckler.