22 Photos You Need to See Twice to Fully Understand

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Ever seen something that catches your eye because it looks like something else? you're not alone. In fact there's even a name for this unusual occurrence which is known as Pareidolia and refers to the phenomenon of the mind responding to a stimulus that's familiar even though it's not actually there.

That's exactly the case in the photos you see below that appear like something they're not and you might just have to look at them twice to fully understand what's going.

1. This isn't concrete, this is New Delhi.

2. Looking out from a ruined building in the Australian outback and this window looks like it could be a framed work of art.

3. A photograph taken of fireworks looks like a Nebula in space.

4. Mushroom or giant chocolate donut?

5. This ham looks like its out of focus.

6. Ice on a windshield or a flock of birds?

7. When the sun is directly overhead these posts look like they're from a poorly rendered video game.

8. Dirty car or UFO over a forest?

9. Lava flow or the souls of the damned being sucked into hell?

10. Delicious toasted sandwich of a rock?

11. Cloud or breaking wave?

12. Giant rock or warship?

13. Shrubs wrapped up in burlap to protect them from winter weather look like a group of hostages.

14. Algerian dessert or a delicious Tiramisu?

15. The leg on this anteater look like a panda.

16. This isn't a city, it's the view of a cemetery from someone's hotel window.

17. Falling leaves covered this stream and now it looks like a path.

18. Frost on top of a car or earth from space.

19. Mossy rock or tropical island?

20. A lobster in a bucket, or a giant lobster in space?

21. This apartment isn't on fire, it's the reflection of a sunset in its window.

22. The inside of this guitar looks like a really expensive apartment.