Paris Is Now Home to the World's Most Vibrant Technicolour Basketball Court

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Although Paris is a city steeped in art, culture and history it just got even cooler thanks to the arrival of this technicolour basketball court with a colour scheme that gives of a serious 80's video game vibe - and it's proving a huge hit, becoming a popular spot for photographers over on Instagram.

The basketball court has been bought by French fashion brand Pigalle and isn't the first time they've given it a makeover, they also gave it a new look back in 2015 however this recent makeover was done in partnership with design agency Ill-Studio and sponsored by Nike.

Situated on the 9th arrondissement of Paris in between two old apartment buildings the court is a stark contrast from its grey and dull surroundings making it a pretty interesting place to photograph as well as shot some hoops.

Paris is now home to the world's most colourful basketball court...

The basketball court which is rocking a 80's video game themed colour scheme is proving a popular spot for Instagrammers

The court was given a makeover by its owners, French fashion brand Pigalle and design agency Ill-Studio with the help of Nike

The court is located in between two old apartment buildings on the 9th arrondissement of Paris 

With such a bleak background surrounding it the court has understandably been getting a lot of attention

As well as it being an amazing place to take photos!