24 Amazing Shadows That Will Make You Look Twice

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Because shadows are pretty much everywhere you look it's all too easy to forget that they're actually there, unless of course something catches your eye and causes you to look twice - as if the case with these 24 rather unusual shadows created from the most random of objects.

Whether it's a dog casting the shadow of a cat or a giraffe that's making a unicorn shaped shadow if you saw these shadows whilst out and about you'd certainly look twice.

1. This dog made a cat shaped shadow.

2. Giraffe Shadow.

3. The friendliest sign.

4. Her shadow looks like a unicorn.

5. The curtain in this room creates a shadow that looks like a car.

6. Bird being followed by a shark.

7. Two girls casting a gorilla shadow.

8. An interesting shadow created from a light.

9. The shadow of these pegs on a washing line look like a rock band finishing a set.

10. The shadow of this toilet roll looks like a hummingbird.

11. The shadow on this dog.

12. The shadows on this building create an optical illusion.

13. A pen made from recycled bottles casting the shadow of a bottle.

14. This gas tank casts a shadow.

15. The shadows of two strangers.

16. Palm trees and a lamp post create the shadow of a lion.

17. Giraffe's shadow makes a unicorn.

18. This toothbrushes shadow is brushing its teeth.

19. Two guys filming cast the shadow of a dog.

20. Leaf of dragon?

21. The shadow of this fence creating a piano.

22. This dog has the creepiest shadow ever.

23. This window's shadow is a cat.

24. Dirt on a car window creates the shadow of a mountain.